The unending fight for survival, the struggle to make ends meet, and the constant anxiety about the future are some of the challenges that the common man in India faces every day. The effects of this ‘harsh’ reality are visible in almost every household. Even a simple game like Bull-catcher becomes an opportunity for people to vent out their frustrations.

But there is also another side to this story that we hardly hear about — the strength of spirit, will, and determination of these men and women who silently go through such struggles. How they find small pleasures in life; how they find strength in their family; how they have remained optimistic despite all odds; and how they have kept their humanity intact even when faced with so many financial challenges. This blog is dedicated to them — those men who have raised generations of admirable grandparents, uncles, cousins, and friends without any formal education but with so much love and wisdom in their hearts. These are few such elders who have left an indelible mark on my life with their simple yet profound philosophies about life — our Veeresam unending…

Sarkari Grandpa/Vaari: The Longest Ride at Sarkari

Sarkari Grandpa is the longest ride at Sarkari. It is a satirical take on the amusing situation when a senior citizen who is riding a scooter gets stopped by a traffic cop for riding without a helmet. It is the story of an old man who is going to visit his grandson near Bhubaneshwar for his examinations.

His grandson is a very shy, quiet, and studious boy who is completely unaware of his Grandpa’s absence till he reaches, out of the blue and sits beside him on the dicky. The old man is looking forward to the long ride, ready with his small bag of stories, hoping to divert his grandson’s attention from his exam stress. But the young boy on the other hand is too shy to talk to his Grandpa and is desperately searching for a way to get out of this situation.

Vaari, What’s For Dinner?

This is a story about a boy who is troubled with Vaari’s incessant demand to make him a daily special food item. When the boy calls his Vaari and apologizes for not making the food item, Vaari is not happy and lectures him about the importance of the small things in life, and the bond that exists between the two – food and love. Love is not just about saying “I love you”. Love is about the little things that you do for each other every day. It is about making breakfast for the person you live with. It is about making his favorite food and making sure that it is just the way he likes it. It is about taking care of your family’s needs and desires. Love is about being there for each other and showing it every day.

Bhudhikaru is a Dharma; You Don’t Need a Degree to be Good-Humoured

This is a story of an old man who is desperately trying to win a bet that he made with his friends. He has to prove that he is the most ‘ good-humored’ man in the group.

But how to win over his friends when they are all much older than him?

The boy is enjoying the match while this old man is desperately trying to win the title of a good-humored person. He is making the boy do a number of crazy things and the boy is having a great time by entertaining the other people. This story is about a bet that a young boy makes with an old man. The boy wins this bet, but more importantly, he learns to be good-humored from the old man.

Grandson, Why so many Questions?

A boy is on a train journey when he meets an old man who asks him many questions; he is curious but at the same time, he is apprehensive and hesitant to share his details with the old man. The old man understands his concerns and leaves the boy alone with a small piece of advice, “When a new friend comes into your life, always make sure to introduce yourself first.” The boy is a student of philosophy and he reminds the old man about his favorite quote from Socrates, ‘the unexamined life is not worth living. The old man is delighted by the attention that he receives from the young boy and he also enjoys answering all the questions that the boy asks him.

Karuppu daani and Azhagu daani: The Strength of your Bonds

The unbreakable bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is well-documented. But this is a story of a grandmother-in-law and granddaughter-in-law who have a very strong bond between them. The grandmother has used her vast experience and knowledge to help her granddaughter secure admission in a medical college somewhere in South India.

She has accompanied her on her journey and is silently helping her to overcome all the challenges that she is facing in a new place, with new people and new circumstances. Whenever the girl feels overwhelmed or insecure, her grandmother is there to guide her and hold her hand. She is the one who has made her granddaughter feel secure and confident to move ahead in life.

Stay Humble and Learn from Everything Around You — Begaanappa!

The story is about a boy who is busy taking selfies. He is so lost in taking pictures of himself, that he fails to notice all the beautiful and fascinating things around him. This reminds us that we often fail to see the world and its beauty because we are too busy taking pictures of ourselves. The story ends with a good message for us to live in the moment, take a break from our busy schedules, slow down and enjoy the world and its beauty.

Smiling is the best form of communication. Be Happy, Stay Happy!